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If High Blood Pressure Is Not Treated, What Are Its Consequences?

High blood pressure is loosely referred to as a “silent killer” because the average person of high blood pressure has not any symptoms until their condition is at a heightened stage. It is imperative that a person has his or her blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

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The lack of symptoms is why some people who are aware they have high blood pressure do not take any steps to control and treat it. Because they feel okay they think everything is okay. Here are some of the many consequences of high blood pressure if left untreated.

Strokes are one consequence of uncontrolled high blood pressure. Blood is prevented from freely flowing to the brain as high blood pressure causes the sufferer’s arteries to start narrowing. That can potentially cause blot clots in the brain, cause a blood vessel in the brain to leak, or cause a blood vessel in the brain to rupture.

If high blood pressure is left untreated, then one of those consequences would be kidney failure. [url][/url] A simple and quick definition of what follows would be this – sustained high blood pressure would beget a narrowing of the arteries, which then would result in a hindrance in blood circulation (for the entire body), including an impaired circulation of blood to the kidneys, which is extremely important in removing waste from the person’s bloodstream. As such, the kidneys are forced to over-exert themselves as they try in vain to eliminate the waste, which is made difficult by the lack of blood circulation. This can cause the kidney functions to greatly diminish or even fail entirely.

A battery of dialysis treatments would be required if the kidneys severely underperform – this would be generally less than twenty percent of their full potential. If the person is in line for a transplant and a kidney (or maybe several) are available (this would depend if there are any qualified donors), he or she can get a kidney transplant and not have to undergo dialysis for the rest of their lives.

A person who suffers from untreated high blood pressure, he or she might partly or completely lose their vision depending on the severity of their hypertension. Moreover, high blood pressure, if left undiagnosed or sustained could lead to mental disorders such as dementia and memory loss.

Generally speaking, heart problems are one of untreated high blood pressure’s most common, and most serious consequences. The arteries in the heart can become hard and stiff from restricted blood flow, causing a condition called arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

One of the most common consequences of untreated high blood pressure is a buildup of plaque in a person’s primary arteries. The plaque deposits reduce blood flow to the heart and can eventually cause a heart attack. If left alone, high blood pressure can cause the arteries and blood vessels to narrow. It becomes even harder for the heart to take in oxygen rich blood, as the arteries and blood vessels further close in. If the heart cannot get enough oxygen, it will cause a heart attack.

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