Undies Dos and Don’ts You Must Always Remember

You can consider underwear as part of human’s necessity depending on culture. Men’s Underwear is worn to look decent and to feel comfortable. There may be few people that would opt to no underwear fashion yet majority of the world’s population really are in need of wearing it. Now, you will be able to know the dos and don’ts of everything about underwear. The following will give you ideas on how you will be able to choose, use, and maintain your underwear the healthy way.

Look for more comfort- Do not prioritize the style of the underwear if you know that this will sacrifice your comfort. It is really good for the models to look at but not all times you will be showing off your underwear, all the time, it’s just hidden under your pants and what would do real best is to make you and keep you comfortable.

Color matters- Choosing the color of your underwear is a must most especially when you are wearing thin pants and uniforms. Just like for example you are always wearing white uniform for you work at the hospital or clinic, it would look best for you to just opt with the white undies than with any other color so that your pants will never create a silhouette of your undies.

When with age, Novelty’s a don’t! You may find it cute wearing superman and star wars undies when babies wear it, yet, when you are aged, you better opt to plain and simple styled underwear so that you will still look decent and comfortable, most especially when you are with your girlfriend.

Tight is a not!-Wearing too tight underwear my not just affect your comfort but in fact, will affect much with your health. Tight underwear may cause urinary tract infection to women and possible prostate cancer to men. To men, just the tightness that will be able to provide good support for your prostate, and never opt to wear those super tight and fit just to look more sexy. Health is the new sexy, you must remember that.

G- strings for Him? No, thanks- This one’s for the boys out there thinking about wearing g-stringed underwear, this is such a shame and disgusting- and never cool to any girls. This is so indecent, most especially when you are dating a girl that is high in morale. You may wear this as long as you are required to do so with your job as a stripper or sexy dancer, but to wear it regularly? Quite disturbing!

Old’s not a gold for you to keep- trash old underwear no matter how expensive that is as long as it already look so awful to wear with holes, dirt and stains on it, never show them off to anyone else, most especially with yourself, be ashamed of yourself, it is important to give yourself the maintenance you need, you got no other you, so love yourself and buy new.

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